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The African Heritage
At DorjAfrica, we provide detailed and accurate African historical facts through the timely release of findings on the history and culture of Africa. DorjAfrica also blends its African history with the realities of the contemporary African enormous challenges in a view to proffer solutions to such challenges on the part of the nation building of African states. also promotes contemporary African fashion and entertainment including many other features such as Proverbs, Tales, Riddles, arts and crafts related to the African heritage.
Africa is known to have a very rich culture

Africa indeed has the most beautiful women in the world today, ladies with outstanding kind of beauty be it inner traits or outside looks you can't look no further than African ladies.

Africa is so rich and diverse in its culture.African culture encompasses their language, religion cuisine, social habits, music, dance, oral literature, arts and so on. All will be explored here .

In Africa, family means a lot. extended family members, distant relatives are regarded

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Unlike the art of Western societies, traditional African art was a functional and necessary part of
everyday life and it would be impossible to understand African culture
without an understanding of their art.
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Explore the beauty and wisdom in African Tales
African folktales, also known as myths, are believed to have the power to hold the community together : the
ancestors, the living, and those not yet born. They serve to communicate traditions, customs, lessons and
morals to the young in preparation of life's obstacles. Traditionally, adults passed these stories down by
word of mouth to the children while gathered around a village fire, under moonlight. This practice is known as Tales by Moonlight.
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Enjoy this Fascinating Adventure In the Exploration of the
African Heritage
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