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Our first story, watch out!
Our first story, watch out!

A short fictional story about a state in ancient Africa and its emerging famine. How […]

Wow, these African women coat their hair with crushed red stone!

Hairstyles are part of the norms and traditions of Mumuila Nwela people from Angola, especially […]

“Gudu gudu méje àti yàyà mefà.” The interesting origin behind the popular Yoruba saying.

Some Ibadan Chiefs went to a meeting with Mr Hezekiah Shunklebottom, the notoriously difficult British […]

“One Scar for Each Killed Enemy” – Read the interesting history and lifestyle of the Nyangatom ethnic clan.

The sacrosanct fact about Africa is that, it’s a continent to behold. The landscapes, the […]

Today in history: Some important events that occured on this day in African history.

1807- US Congress bans the slave trade within the US, effective January 1, 1808. 1865- […]

The Side of Nigeria They Won’t Show You

The negative portrayal of Nigeria in the International media which often focus on corruption and […]

Mansa Kankou Moussa/Musa (c. 1280- c. 1337) and his holy pilgrimage

The pilgrimage of Mansa (emperor or sultan) Kankou Moussa of Mali, between 1324 & 1325, […]


I gave a public lecture at the schomburg centre, Harlem, New York in the late […]

Ghanaian Engineer, Farida Bedwei, creates the first Superhero with Cerebral Palsy

Farida Bedwei, a Ghanian software engineer, writer and disability rights advocates creates the first Superhero […]

ARTX Lagos: The 3rd Edition of West Africa’s Premier Art Fair is happening in Lagos.

ART X Lagos is the first international art fair in West Africa founded by Tokini Peterside. The […]

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