The history of africa is filled with various landmarks and world shaking events. Africa also experience series of stunts and summersaults in its history from the times of homo sapiens sapiens(early human ancestors), settlements formations, intergroup relations, empire building and expansion, civilization, wars and conquest, revolutions as well men and women who left their marks in the sands of time through the liberation of the continent.
Yoruba leaders storm Ibadan today, see why.

Ibadan witnessed the meeting of some notable Yoruba leaders today at the launching of the […]

Wow, these African women coat their hair with crushed red stone!

Hairstyles are part of the norms and traditions of Mumuila Nwela people from Angola, especially […]

“Gudu gudu méje àti yàyà mefà.” The interesting origin behind the popular Yoruba saying.

Some Ibadan Chiefs went to a meeting with Mr Hezekiah Shunklebottom, the notoriously difficult British […]

“One Scar for Each Killed Enemy” – Read the interesting history and lifestyle of the Nyangatom ethnic clan.

The sacrosanct fact about Africa is that, it’s a continent to behold. The landscapes, the […]

Today in history: Some important events that occured on this day in African history.

1807- US Congress bans the slave trade within the US, effective January 1, 1808. 1865- […]

Mansa Kankou Moussa/Musa (c. 1280- c. 1337) and his holy pilgrimage

The pilgrimage of Mansa (emperor or sultan) Kankou Moussa of Mali, between 1324 & 1325, […]


I gave a public lecture at the schomburg centre, Harlem, New York in the late […]

The Second Congo War claimed the second-highest number of casualties since World War II.

Today, we remember the Second Congo War (1998-2006) and the 5.4 million African lifes lost […]

Africa is home to the largest waterfall in the world; Victoria falls   Indeed, Africa is blessed with immense natural endowments. Victoria falls is one […]

An appraisal of Akesan: the oldest market in Oyo town
An appraisal of Akesan: the oldest market in Oyo town

The market institution has been an integral part of the Yoruba community and custom since […]

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