“Gudu gudu méje àti yàyà mefà.” The interesting origin behind the popular Yoruba saying.

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Some Ibadan Chiefs went to a meeting with Mr Hezekiah Shunklebottom, the notoriously difficult British district officer ( during the colonial days).

In the course of the meeting the district officer was happy with what the Ibadan chiefs had to report and present via an interpreter.

He kept nodding in agreement and saying; good good good good good good good yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.

One of the chiefs counted the “good”s which turned to be 7 and the “Yeah” which was counted as 6.

And so when they got back to Ibadan, they reported to Ibadan folks that the “Oyinbo se gudu gudu meje ati Yaya mefa.

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Source: Yoruba Culture.


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